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2 May 2016

Bottom-Poopyhead 2

Yes, The Scoop On Poop Is No Longer Taboo But A Family-Friendly Game

Involving (On Paper) Pooping, Wiping, Washing And Repeating
The buzz in the toy world is a new game that most parents would not let their children say aloud – until now!

Poopyhead is a hilarious game of cards.  Where being #1 requires “doo” diligence in #2! This up-until-now taboo theme is getting a lot of attention from retailers and families.
It’s no wonder with the thought of poopy (human and four-legged family-member variety) on everyone’s minds. It’s just not typically spoken aloud beyond the age of five.

Grownups may say excrement, cow chips or manure but it all boils down to poopy and admit it, everyone does it! So why not make a game of it? Some who have played the game have actually found it to be a teaching tool for kids (see below!).

The game includes five headbands (elastic bands with a brown pile resembling #2), thus the name Poopyhead, that players will eventually wear once they lose a round. Kids, parents, grandparents and especially teens were able to stop laughing just long enough to continue another round! After five rounds, the player with the most piles atop their head is the game loser.

What kid doesn't love poop? It's generally the topic of conversation between my boys. Poop, poop, poop. They were pretty stoked when I purchased this game and presented it to them. Once they contained their laughter, approximately 13 days later, they were ready to take the "plunge" (pun intended).

The entire time the game was played there was laughter. I mean, we were literally sitting there with POOP on our heads. I think one of the dogs might have called the psych ward on us. It's a fun game with lots of laughter
and you don't want to miss out on it.

But seriously now, this game is FUN!
And, it comes with a Whoopi Cushion!!

How cool is that?! I hadn't got to play with a Whoopi Cushion since I was in school, but now I can play with it whenever I want.

Believe it or not, several parents commented on Poopyhead’s educational aspects!

Funny game, in a weird way, almost an educational way to remind us of the process of going to the bathroom.

The important parts and the correct order to do them in. Hahahaha!

I love this. I wanted to add the brilliance of them adding the washing hands part. So a

learning tool as well.

Still not sure if you can add Poopyhead to your toy box? Watch this:

Then discover the many YouTube videos uploaded by parents and teens! The silliness is

infectious. This particular homemade video was seen by over 919,000 folks since late

March 2016!
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