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19 June 2017
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We're thrilled to announce that The Purple Cow has won the prestigious Oppenheim Toy Portfolio - Gold Seal Award for the Crazy Scientist LAB - Magical Mirrors science kit!

Criteria used for evaluating toys for this award: 
  • What is this product designed to do and how well does it do it? What can the child do with the product?
  • Does it invite active doing and thinking or simply passive watching?
  • Is it safe and well-designed, and can it withstand the unexpected?
  • Does it "fit" the developmental needs, interests, and typical skills of the children for whom it was designed? What message does it convey?
  • Toys can say a great deal about values parents are trying to convey. For example, does the product reflect old sexual stereotypes that limit children's views of themselves and others?
  • What will a child learn from this product? Is it a "smart" product that will engage the child's mind or simply a novelty with limited play value? Is it entertaining? No product makes our list if kids find it boring, no matter how "good" or "educational" it claims to be.
  • Is the age label correct? Is the product so easy that it will be boring or so challenging that it will be frustrating?
  • Are the instructions clear and easy to follow?
  • Is the packaging impossible to open?
  • Ease of Assembly. If you need a PhD in Engineering to put a toy together, it's unlikely it will make our award list!

SEE Magical Mirrors Here.

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