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Single player game with double fun!

If filling up one grid is not enough, how about filling up a grid on both sides at the same time?

But watch out! Every puzzle piece has 2 protruding parts that stick through the holes of the grid, making it impossible to place a puzzle piece there on the flip side. When you have found the solution the vertical game board will be filled up completely on both sides with the 11 puzzle pieces back to back.

Contents: tray, lid with grid, 11 coloured puzzle pieces, booklet with 60 challenges and solutions.

How to Play:


Place the lid vertically inside the tray. Choose a challenge and place the puzzle pieces as indicated.

Try to place the remaining puzzle pieces on the grid. You can choose whether you place them on the front side or on the back side. You can't place a puzzle piece on the flip side of a protruding part of another puzzle piece.

You have found the solution when the 11 puzzle pieces fit together on the grid. All puzzle pieces must be used and all holes in the grid must be filled on both sides.


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