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Real Life Travel Bingo 3/pack 10/case
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Real Life Travel Bingo 3/pack 10/case

Finally, a travel game for REAL families!
Admit it: on most road trips, your car feels like a prison cell on wheels, filled with petty arguments and stress.

Other travel games- like "License Plate Search" or "I-Spy"- are so lame they only make the trip seem longer.

Finally, there's a travel game for REAL families!

Real Life Travel Bingo contains 3 reusable boards, with 25 windows on each board. Each window depicts an all-too-familiar travel experience, like:

• We are lost
• Pee emergency
• Long, pointless story
• Argue about where to eat
• Tears
• Fart!
• Lame music choice
• Singing along off key
• Unfunny joke
• Kid is punished
• Curse word!

AND MANY MORE! Slide the plastic shutters to mark the space. The first player to get five in a row wins.
Parents have told us that our game has made long car rides easier, by helping kids laugh at these difficult moments. 

 Pictures are arranged differently on each card, so there's only one winner
Each card measures approximately 16.5 cm X 18 cm.

Trade pricing is for a PDQ of 10 games.

Ages 6+

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