"Playing is a serious game.
We should never stop playing,
especially when we get older"

Mario Clementoni - company founder
Cuddles, 500pcs

Cuddles, 500pcs

Bengal Tiger, 500pcs
Sunset Unicorns, 500pc
Lighting Venice, 500pcs
Museum Bacio 2018, 500pcs
Trittico London, 3 x 500pcs
Trittico Nature, 3 x 500pcs
Museum La Grande Onda Di Hok, 1000pc
Museum, Cupid and Psyche, 1000pcs
Museum, Gauguin, 1000pcs
Italian Collection - Venice, 1000pcs
Museum, 500pc, Van Gogh
Sumatran Tiger, 1000pcs
Flamingo Dance, Panorama, 1000pcs
Beagles Panorama, 1000pcs
Van Dael "Vaso di Fiori", 1000pc
Mio the Robot

Mio the Robot

Soap and Bath Bombs
Big Beauty Laboratory
Timepiece Laboratory
Physics and Engineering
Doc Robot

Doc Robot

Science in the Laboratory
Mechanics Lab-Cranes
Mechanics Lab- Mining Trucks
Perfumes & Cosmetics
Mind Designer Robot
Astronomy Lab

Astronomy Lab

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