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FIND IT Mystical Creatures
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FIND IT Mystical Creatures

In the newest edition of Find It®, search for 40 Mystical Creatures in a sea of colored pellets. Upset your friends and show them what you’ve found!
If you see a FLYING PIG you are not crazy......

Here there be Fairies, and Dragons, and Trolls!  For centuries, such “Mythical Creatures” were believed to exist – not just in tall tales, but both in remote parts of the world and directly underfoot.  And while they are impossible to find in the wild, creatures like the Sphinx, Pegasus, Bigfoot, and mermaids can all be found  (eventually) in the newest edition of Find It®!

Shake, twist, and spin the game to find these and many other mythical creatures.  From the infamous “jackalope” to arcane items like Cupid’s arrow and the Mothman’s eye, we’ve captured 40 strange and unusual items in this colourful new game.  Find something unique, and twist a tale of your own about how you once came upon the creature deep in the woods one night.  And if you’re one of the lucky few, you’ll find the special “Flying Pig” token well hidden amongst the other treasures.  Any way you spin it, you’re the winner on this mythical, magical hunt.

An educational family game for one or more players to enjoy whether you are 6 or 106!


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