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Lucky Lili-Shine. 44 cm
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Lucky Lili-Shine. 44 cm

Meet Lucky Lili-Shine
Meet Lucky Lili. Lucky Lili knows for sure that there can’t be too much of shopping.  It is such a wonderful way to spend time! You need to have an outfit for all kinds of situations.

Plus, accessories. There are outfits for “business” and there are outfits for pleasure. Lili takes shopping very seriously. By the way, she believes that the stool in the fitting room is set especially for her. If it weren’t there, little Lili would have to jump up to see herself properly in the mirror!

Thanks to the stool, she won’t miss anything. Just look at how perfectly well this new dress fits her. That bow completes that outfit in an amazing way.  That is why today Lucky Lili is in a wonderful mood, which is a very good reason for… doing some more shopping.

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