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Mind Trap 20th Anniversary Edition
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Mind Trap 20th Anniversary Edition

If you're a fan of MindTrap, you're about to find an even BETTER experience!
What's so fragile that when you say its name, you break it?

The 20th Anniversary Edition of MindTrap includes the best questions from previous MindTrap games with two new categories - Riddles and Mysteries!

Play with teams or compete as individuals. Spin the dial on the board. The arrow will land on one of six spots - Picture Puzzles, Classic Conundrums, Rebus Riddles, MindTrap Mysteries, Your Choice, or ?. The opposing player or team selects a card from that category and reads it aloud.

Answer correctly... You keep the card. Collect ten cards and you'll prove the brainiac genius of the bunch, and have a chance to wring out your brain after all that sweating.

Stretch your mind, revolutionise your thought process, and play to win!

MindTrap 20th Anniversary Edition
  • 384 cards with questions to put brain power to the ultimate test
  • Encourages diverse thinking, logic, problem solving, interaction
  • A truly mind-bending game - revolutionizes the way you think
  • Puzzles, mysteries, brainteasers, conundrums, and trick questions
  • 2 new categories - Riddles and Mysteries
  • Fun spin-dial game play
  • 96 Classic Conundrum cards, 96 MindTrap Mystery cards, 96 Picture Puzzle cards, 96 Rebus Riddles cards
  • Features giant game board with spinner
  • Detailed instructions included
  • Made of sturdy materials

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