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 IQ STEPS (4 Pce)
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SG499 4

SG499 4

IQ STEPS (4 Pce)

Smart Games IQ Steps

iq-steps sg499 header

Are you ready for the next step?


The object of the game is to fit all puzzle pieces onto the grid, one by one.

With only 8 puzzle pieces this sounds simple, right? Watch your step! The pieces have two layers and overlap each other. Only when you place them in the right orientation AND order, you will be able to fit all pieces on the game board.
120 challenges, from easy to expert
ages 8 - 99
compact, portable game.

How to Play:

Step One:
Choose a challenge and place the designated puzzle pieces as indicated on the board.
iq-steps sg499 step-1
Step Two:
Try to fit all of the remaining puzzle pieces onto the game board.
iq-steps sg499 step-2
Step Three: There is only one possible solution for each of the 120 challenges.
iq-steps sg499 step-3

(TRADE NOTE :1 unit = 4 games.)

Click here to see 24 piece POS unit.

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