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Bunny Boo
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Bunny Boo

Is the bunny 'in' 'on' or 'behind' the box?

Bunny Boo is a 3D puzzle for young children that features four big, high quality wooden blocks.

With Bunny Boo children attempt to put the Bunny and blocks together in order to match one of 60 challenges included!

Is the rabbit looking through the round hole or through the star-shaped one? Is it standing on top of the yellow, the red or the blue block? The blocks can be combined in many different ways, more than you would imagine.

Some challenges may look very similar, yet the solution can be completely different depending on how far the ears of the rabbit stick out. Children can solve the 60 challenges or just play with it as a wooden toy.

Bunny Boo is a fantastic and fun introduction to concepts such as logic, problem-solving, and spatial dynamics.

Contents: Red, yellow and blue wooden blocks, a rabbit, 60 challenge cards, leaflet with game rules and solutions.

How to Play:


Choose a challenge.

Try to build what is shown on the challenge card, using one or more blocks and the rabbit.

You have found a solution when the front view of your construction matches the image on the challenge card.


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