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SG488 4 pieces

SG488 4 pieces


Put all the twisted puzzle pieces on the game board.

Compact travel game for 1 player.

There are a many portable puzzles, however IQ-Twist is the first one to use pegs in order to force you use the pieces in a new way. This adds a layer of complexity not seen in most other portable puzzles.

In every challenge a few coloured pegs are placed on the game board. The  object of the game is to place all puzzle pieces on the game board. But because of the pegs, this is only possible when there is a hole inside the puzzle piece you want to place on that exact position. And what’s more, you can only do that when the puzzle piece and the peg have the same colour. 

You can use the playing pieces in any orientation, which means that that most puzzle pieces can be placed in 8 different ways (except the symmetrical ones). But there are 32 places on the game board, so the number of possibilities is often quite high. The fact that there are always two pieces with the same colour, makes it extra hard to determine which puzzle piece needs to fit on a specific peg. And of course most challenges only show a few pegs, so you still need to find the right place for the other ones. Challenges with fewer pegs are in most cases harder to solve, although the position of the pegs has often a bigger impact on the difficulty level than the number of pegs.

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100 challenges ranging from easy to extremely difficult. It’s compact, so it’s an ideal brain snack while on the go!

Age: 6 +

TRADE NOTE:  Pricing is for 4 pcs.

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