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Rod and connector style construction sets that feature charming characters.

Superstructs are safe, durable EVA foam panels that 'pop' between the rods and joints, adding a brand new surface for children's imagination.

Consumer Feedback:

"I purchased “rolling fun” superstructs for my 3 ½ yr old son and it was one of the best toy purchases I’ve made! Both my children love making their own creations with it, most mornings they are creating something new. My son likes to destroy things and try and put things back together, superstructs allows him to do this and because it’s of great quality it’s not something he can break. The only problem is I don’t have enough and often there are fights so I can’t wait for Christmas as superstructs is at the top of the list!"
Theresa, Auckland.

A Surface to Play On

Superstructs panels 'pop' into place between the rods and connectors. The panels are printed with detailed, in-theme designs to set the mood for a builder’s imagination. This feature also assists pieces to be easily located and oriented during assembly. Made of safe, durable and resilient EVA foam, Superstructs panels hold up well under rough conditions.

Superstructs Cast of Characters
Superstructs characters have a wide, sturdy base, arms that move and hands that grasp. Builders assemble their own characters as part of the fun. The character's size is perfectly suited to accompany Superstructs models and their pleasant facial expressions make them ideally suited for any play situation. All Superstructs characters move from one set to the next with little effort - just a switch of the hat and they're ready for their next adventure.

Fun Theme-based Building Sets
Superstructs sets are "themed" products that merge simple building elements with popular settings to create solid buildings, ships, vehicles and characters for pretend and fantasy play.

Superstructs sets are suitable for children ages 3 and up.


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