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Travel game for 1 player

If you liked IQ-Twist or IQ-Fit, you will love IQ-Link.

There are 12 puzzle pieces in this game and each puzzle piece is made from 3 segments:

  • 6 segments are closed rings. These rings always occupy one place on the grid and don't allow any other segment to be placed there as well.
  • 16 segments are balls. 
  • 14 segments are open rings.

You can place an open ring on the same place that is occupied by a ball of another puzzle piece, if the opening in the ring is in the same orientation as the part that connects the ball shape with the rest of the puzzle piece.

droppedImage 1

top: Example of a challenge (left) and solution (right). In this example two places on the grid remain empty.
droppedImage 2

top: Example of a very difficult challenge (left) and solution (right).

Basically it comes down to this: you try to use each place on the grid in the most efficient way. The moment you see that you are creating too many empty places or places filled with only one puzzle segment, you know you better start over.

Each challenge has just one solution. When a challenge is solved, all puzzle pieces are connected to other puzzle pieces, creating one group of linked puzzle pieces. This way, the correct placement of one puzzle piece becomes a hint for the placement of the next one. Of all SmartGames I designed, this game has the most puzzle pieces, but because of the fact that they link to each other, you can solve many challenges using logic instead of trail and error.

There are 120 challenges and 5 levels in this game. The STARTER and JUNIOR levels are really simple. You only need to place 2 or 3 puzzle pieces yourself. But in the hardest level, you start with just 1 or 2 puzzle piece on the grid. 

During setup, make sure that you place the puzzle pieces in the right orientation. If not, finding the solution will become impossible. Especially the yellow and orange pieces are sometimes placed with their openings in the wrong direction.

These games are designed as 1 Player games, however, they can be played with another player, group problem solving - some people prefer to solve problems in groups.

TRADE NOTE: Pricing is for 24 pcs


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