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Flex Your Brain

This puzzle game is different on all levels.

For starters, a challenge consists of showing the solution (the colour of all the balls on the playing board). But which balls are connected and how? Not only your brain has to be flexed to find the solution - you can bend all the puzzle pieces so they click into a new position!

Step 1 - Choose a challenge.
Bendit step1

Step 2- Change the shape of the 6 playing pieces (if needed) and put them on the game board as shown.
Bendit step2

Step 3 -You have found the solution when the colour of the spheres on the game-board matches the challenge
Bendit step3

NOTE FROM LOGICAL TOYS: We have noticed on the printed booklet that accompanies this puzzle there are some errors.
Three challenges (and solutions) show 1 white ball that should be black. The manufacturer has already adjusted this for future print runs.

People can easily adjust the 3 affected challenges by colouring the 3 balls black. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


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