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My Word Card Game
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My Word Card Game

Find a Word and … IT’S YOURS!

My Word!® is the first word game that plays like a party game!

Quickly search for words while single and double letter cards are dealt on to the table. The first player to call out a word using at least three cards wins those cards.

Fast and fun, My Word! appeals to fans of word games and party games alike!

  • Ages 7 to Adult
  • 2-6 players
  • 2 Minutes to learn
  • 2-5 minutes per game
The required number of cards can be matched to the skill level of the players. For example, an inexperienced player might be required to form words using two or more cards while, in the same game, a more experienced player is required to form words using four or more cards.
Players may want to exclude the dealer from play. When a player is dealing the cards, he or she would not call out words. This allows the dealer to focus on placing the cards and listening to other players’ responses. Since each player takes a turn dealing, the scoring would remain the same.
Rules for Ages 7 and Up: There are only two rule changes. First, the three Wild Cards and all Double Letter Cards, except for the QU, are removed from the deck. Secondly, players are not penalized for calling out words that are not allowed. Players simply continue to call out words until a player is awarded the card for calling out an allowable word.

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